Female escort service- is it the right job to consider it as a career?

Zahia-l-escort-girl-des-Bleus-ecrit-a-Raymond-Domenech_mode_uneThere have been many debates around the world about this term. Many people say that female escort service is a service provided to males to escort them to the parties, hotels, homes, etc spend some time with them, drink, eat with them, etc. Females’ escort service is limited only to accompanying them to the places where they want, and not more than that.

But some people consider female escort service is a paid sex, somewhat like prostitution. The only difference is that escort service is provided to the high class people, having lavish lifestyle, and the female escorts also lead a high class, lavish and glamorous lifestyle. Many people consider this as illegal also. Many females who want to be in the escort service are afraid of this organization because they afraid of how much safe is it, to take this as a source for making money. But the fact is that female escort service is not at all illegal in countries like UK, Singapore. Rather escorting is taxed and is subject to VAT. The government of such countries receives a lot of tax from the escort agencies. It’s only because escorting does not mean selling sex, but rather selling your time and company for money, which is not at all illegal. Many people have wrong assumptions that escorting is not a suitable career to choose for.

How safe is an escort service for the persons who are into this business?

Escort service is very safe. Before sending an escort with a client they are very rigorously vetted. Their address and identity is verified against the voters roll, credit card details, etc. Their documents are held on file until the escorting job is complete. If a client hurts an escort, do something to her against her will then he is very stupid thinking that he would easily escape. The client would be traced within 30 seconds. He will be punished harshly for any such wrong deeds. This is the reason violence or bad situations are virtually unheard of. One must put her Do’s and Don’ts in front of the agencies. The agency will strictly follow the conditions provided by you. The escort needs to phone the agency and inform him every time on arrival, after you have the money and as soon as you leave. If the agencies don’t receive such phone calls then they will start investigating and get security onto it. Moreover you also need to keep your wits about you, so as not to fall into bad situations.

What is the actual job of an escort or what an escort needs to do and what is she paid for that?

Agencies put appointments with clients, after verifying all his details. Agencies then allot a female escort for providing the service to the client. What an escort needs to do is actually she has to arrive at the hotel or home, chat to him, ask him what he wants, stay with him for an hour or two. This appointment usually last for 1 hour sometimes may be 1.5 or 2 hours. Since the escort gives her do’s and don’ts to her agency, the agency also maintains this, and conveys the same message to the client. The money she gets is only spending and selling her time to her client and nothing else.

Escorts usually get around $150 to $200 per hour from the clients. The escorts need to give 20% or 30% of their income to their agencies. This is the way the agencies are making money.

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Escorts go on tour

There’s a practice in the Western Europe that escorts go for city tours and it has become a more prevalent phenomenon. Escorts also leave their home in order to increase their income streams.

On these tours, girls especially from the low economic Eastern European countries, like the Hungary and Ukraine, are brought into Western European cities for one or two-week stays to provide service a parade of wealthy johns. Escort agencies book rooms in a hotel for each escort, who then receive customers, and this female escort provides service to the customers all day long. In these setups escorts are often exploited and overworked.

Different countries offer different services

The status and legality of female escort services vary according to the country you’re in. In Canada, prostitution is legal, although street prostitution is illegal. The reason is services like pimping and negotiating a sex-for-money are usually dealt in a public place in street prostitution. To maintain the legality, escort agencies perform a middle man service. They usually act as the middleman by arranging a meeting between the client and the escort without explicitly stating what will transpire. Several other countries especially Western European countries have similar regimes. In some of these countries prostitution is a mainstream and positively respectable occupation. Moreover in many European countries female escort services are now tax-paying profession, where agencies have to pay taxes to the States. But in countries like Japan paying for fellatio is legal, but paying for vaginal intercourse is very much illegal.

Escorts have a secret lingo

Escort agencies are very much careful not to explicitly advertise that its female escort service involves exchanging sexual favors for money. Thus many clients and agencies have developed a lexicon of coded internet abbreviations and slang, in which the services to be exchanged are communicated among clients and agencies. This type of practice was mainly developed in areas where laws of prostitution are strictly enforced. On most English-speaking escort sites the lingo is strongly used.

Examples of escort codes are CBJ, which indicates that a client will receive oral sex with a condom, while a BBBJ indicates oral sex without a condom. GFE implies “girlfriend experience” which is an experience that’s more affectionate than the conventional “mechanical” sexual encounter. In case of GFE an escort will engage in activities like open-mouthed kissing and cuddling. More like girlfriend stuff.

Governments of many countries have tried hard to eradicate prostitution by imposing harsh penalties on it. But similar to crimes like drugs and gambling, such efforts on prostitution have consistently failed due to continuous demand.

What is a female escort service?

escortgirlFemale escort is nothing but the modern version of the courtesan. Earlier the duty of the courtesans was to give entertainment to the men in the court. They also used to work as social companions who could meet the men in public and accompany them if needed. They were paid for their services. Now the female escort service is considered to be a highly-paid profession. Escorts make a lot of money by going out with clients and accompany them to their rooms, hotels, parties, etc.

Nowadays female escorts are well-trained, perfectly groomed and are highly educated. They are stylish as well as they know the etiquettes of the high society. They act as the perfect girlfriend to accompany high-profile clients in high-profile social. They make the men feel complete as they act as intimate lovers. This is one of the highly paid jobs.

Female escorts are hired form prestigious escort agencies who train their girls well. Female escorts are well-behaved, well-mannered, filled with etiquettes and remain above prostitutes and madams. Escorts are like mistresses, and are well fitted in the high profile societies and culture. They are also respected for their companionship.

Is prostituting and female escorting the same job?

No, prostitution service and female escort services are not the same profession. We will find a lot of differences, if we compare the two. In prostitution the client pays the prostitute for selling sex, whereas in female escorting service the escort is paid for the time spent with the client.

Can the escort service be considered for long term relationship?

A female escort is a paid companion. Hence female escorting service is more like compensated dating. The whole thing is short-lived and the dating may or may not involve physical intimacy. Escorts charge high amounts for such companionship. However if you are dating for matchmaking then female escort service is definitely not an option to choose from. Matchmaking is a long term relationship and escort service is a short-live relationship, almost a few hours relationship. However the memories may last for a long time. Hence, if you are not interested in long-term relationship, you can always go for female escorting service. You will surely enjoy their company.

How escorts make money?

Escorts working for respectable agencies charge anywhere from $150 to $450 per hour, depending upon services and demand offered. More distinguished escorts especially those with particular skills, specialties, fetishes, or great beauty can even charge excess of that. Sometimes even very high-class escorts, especially those escorts catering to an executive clientele, can charge around $1,000 per hour.

Escorts are rated on the internet

Today in the era of internet and websites, it has become a common practice of rating and offering advice for choosing a particular escort. There are many sites available on the internet where customers offer ratings based on the services of certain agencies and escorts as a public reference for others to browse.
With this advancement there lie some pitfalls also in such services. Sometimes escorts and agencies can plant positive comments to falsely tout themselves. On the other hand, escorts are being blackmailed to give the clients extra sexual services; otherwise they may give bad ratings to them.